Congress Passes Law Helping Homeowners Go Solar

Michael Beery | November 29, 2023 | Advertorial

Smart homeowners are using a Federal Residential Solar Energy Credit Program to save up to 90% on their monthly energy bills. To combat the rising energy costs and control inflation, federal and state governments are incentivizing homeowners to switch to solar with huge rebates and incentives. These programs could pretty much cover all costs associated with a new solar panel installation, reducing your electricity bill to almost nothing.

The Utility Companies prefer you not to be aware of such savings. They pray that you just blindly continue to pay your high electricity bills without question, because that’s how they make their huge profits. But why should YOU be lining their pockets? Especially when it takes just a few clicks to save so much.

Our readers, who took 30 seconds Please say on SolarSaverProgram about their home & current power consumption, were truly stunned to see their monthly savings.

Only catch is that only homes in certain zip codes are eligible for these incentives, but if you live in one of the qualified zip codes, you should absolutely cash in on savings. To see if your ZIP qualifies, click the button below and answer few questions on the next page.   

Act Now & Start Saving Money

The best part about determining your potential savings is that there is absolutely no obligation to do anything until you realize the savings are on their way to you. We are experiencing some of the highest rebate, tax credits, and other incentives we have seen in years. What would you do with the extra money in your pocket with lower electricity bill? 

How Do I See If I Qualify?

Your solar savings are determined by many factors such as monthly electricity consumption, utility provider, and applicable incentives & rebates available in your zip code. To calculate your potential savings and eligibility, click the button below and answer few questions. The process only takes about 30 seconds.