Congress Passes Law Helping Homeowners Go Solar

By Michelle Rogers | May 11, 2022

Do not pay your next electricity bill until you read this…

This is the one simple truth your utility company does not want you to know. If you currently own a home and pay a monthly electric bill above $100, you can reduce your electricity bill to next to nothing.

Most homeowners don’t know about the Renewable Portfolio Standard regulation that got designed to increase the use of renewable energy sources for electricity generation. Taking advantage of it can save you a small fortune on electricity bills. Plus, you can potentially generate additional income by selling excess electricity back to your utility provider in the form of SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates). But do you think your utility company will tell you that?

Solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) are a performance-based solar incentive that allow you to earn additional income from solar electricity generation through your roof.

“Before I had the system installed, I was paying roughly $250 for electricity in the summer. Now I’m paying $190 for the solar panels and like $8.50 for the utility. In addition, I receive $200-$250 in SRECs every quarter.” – Laura Morales, from Silver Spring, MD


Every homeowner should at least check to see what they qualify for — there is no cost to check and no obligation to purchase. Most solar companies offer No Cost at install programs, and things are getting so competitive that some companies are paying a cash bonus to customers after solar installation. Economists are calling Solar The New Oil and that’s why solar companies are burning tons of cash to capture market share. But guess who is the winner here? You, the consumer, and you need to take advantage of these offers quickly because they won’t last long.

Homeowners can visit unbiased sites like SolarSaverProgram, where they can view best offers from local Solar companies, all in one place. Average American family is saving over 90% on their monthly electric bills.

“My electricity bill has gone down from $150 a month to $20 a month. it’s been shocking! I only wish I found out about policy sooner” – Lakisha Harris, Accokeek, Maryland

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